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How [not] to CNC-Mill a Longboard

Hello there again!

Remember my Longboard-project? [Link here]

Well, in continuation of that project, I went to Happylab yesterday, with a roughly sketched file to CNC-mill the shape of a Longboard out of a ply of wood. I say “the shape of a Longboard” here on purpose, because the cut thing will not be useable as a longboard whatsoever. The thing ply I got is a 5mm thick 600×600 mm made from beech. That shit’s going to break quite rapidly (I guess) and it’s not the right length either, but it’s enough to experiment with it!
The goal of this project is quite the pragmatic one anyways: “Learn how to operate a CNC-Mill”. Mistakes are welcome and expected!

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Merging Communities

Still haven’t been working on anything at the Fabrication Laboratory…

I know I suck.

But wait! I did other stuff! What if I told you that there is a magical place, with Unicorns puking rainbows and playing Laser Tag… Or something along those lines.

Well, semi-seriously now, what I have been trying to get into the last few weeks is a place called “ImpactHub”.

I did not, or am not doing this because I am shit-bored, I am doing it because I think it could be incredibly helpful/the second component of my misdeeds to support the “Maker Movement”.

I don’t know if it is necessary, or even wanted, but I want to bring the 2 communities, the Maker-community and the ImpactHub-community closer together.

So what is an “ImpactHub”?

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A Longboard?

Hey and Hi again,

unfortunately, I have not really had any time to do any cool stuff at a Fab Lab =(

A lot of exams, a lot of being sick. Not fun at all.

I had time to think of some cool stuff though! I’ll talk about my brainfarts if you don’t mind! (they don’t smell, I swear!)

Actually, a couple weeks back already, I took the workshop on the CNC machine at the Happylab.
The first thing that popped into my mind there is using said CNC machine to fabricate myself a Longboard.

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Peachy Printer

Hi people,

I should have studied the last few days. Why I tell you that is because everyone knows that productive stuff can come out of that, except for the stuff that should actually be done.

So, I browsed Kickstarter (of course) and if anyone did that in the last few days/weeks, you will have noticed that there is a ton of 3D printers raising some money there.

One of them specifically caught my attention though. I told you about the different types of printers here (not so sure if all of it is till or ever was accurate) some time ago. This one uses Stereolithography to harden a resin. Here comes the cool part: It is only 100$! And it is called the Peachy Printer, how cute!

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