Monthly Archives: November 2013

DIY Whiteboard

Well hello there again, has anyone noticed I’ve been gone for a while?

[Out of the crowd: “Noone cares!”]

Fu** you, I’ll continue regardless!

Ok good, now that tha’s dealt with, let’s proceed:

So I bought a couple of wood planks to proceed with my Longboard project, but they have been way too small because my local hardware store has a crappy selection. Also, I’ve been craving a Whiteboard for a while now, but they are quite expensive, so after I found out that there is such a thing as Whiteboard-Film, I decided to make one.


No fancy machines involved in this one!

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Open Source Business Models

So this week, I’ve been out for a beer with a good friend of mine, which I rarely see.

I told him about some of my ideas to start a business (I am a passionate economics student after all, and that won’t change in the near future). Well, most of my ideas include sharing the plans, or handing a lot of the design process over to the customer himself. He did not understand that at all, his first instinct was closing the ecosystem off.

And that is what most people instinctively want to do, their reaction to open source business models is “Isn’t it impossible to build a business when you are sharing AAAAALL your secrets?”or “Fool! Keep the know-how to yourself!”

And to a certain degree, they are right. Let’s start with some basics and try figuring out what open source can do.

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