DIY Whiteboard

Well hello there again, has anyone noticed I’ve been gone for a while?

[Out of the crowd: “Noone cares!”]

Fu** you, I’ll continue regardless!

Ok good, now that tha’s dealt with, let’s proceed:

So I bought a couple of wood planks to proceed with my Longboard project, but they have been way too small because my local hardware store has a crappy selection. Also, I’ve been craving a Whiteboard for a while now, but they are quite expensive, so after I found out that there is such a thing as Whiteboard-Film, I decided to make one.


No fancy machines involved in this one!

The film I bought is 45×200 centimeters, so I wanted to cut it in half and make it a 90×100 Whiteboard. Since I didn’t want to stick the film directly to my wall, I tried getting a big ply of wood from another hardware store.

closed Bauhaus

one of the reasons it didn’t work

Short-Story: Didn’t happen. So I used the plies I had, not ideal, but worked (kind of, you can judge for yourself).

The plies I had are 60×42, do the math and you will find out that that doesn’t really work with one row of them being 45×100, too small and too long at the same time, not ideal in deed.

So I decided putting 50 centimeters of film on each ply and leave a 10 centimeter border on the left and right side of the, then assembled, DIY Whiteboard.

Let’s try a step by step guide, never did that before:

1.)    Clean the wood so that the film actually sticks on it!

2.)    In my case, draw the lines for the border onto the wood.

3.)    Apply the film with some soft cloth so that it doesn’t get any bubbles (it still did, I’m a genious. Also: get someone to help you with that, way easier)

Applying Whiteboard Film

4.)    Well… It’s done… That was an exciting ride, huh?


Nah, I have some more, I’ll paint the borders =)

5.)    Put some tape for seperating the area you (or just I) want to paint from the Whiteboard itself (I guess you don’t want to paint the board)

Paint Wood on Whiteboard

6.)    Paint. As simple it’s as simple as that. (why am I even making a Tutorial here… Feels very weird…)

Blue Paint for Whiteboard

7.)    Stick it to the F’in wall (I did it with nails, it’s quite lightweight, so maybe some of this glue-chewing gum things could cut it)

Not so perfect DIY Whiteboard

8.)    Leave the room and have your roommate draw a Penis on it.

Roommate being funny

9.)    Feel pretentious and dirty for writing a Tutorial on something as simple as this.

10.) Done.

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