A Longboard?

Hey and Hi again,

unfortunately, I have not really had any time to do any cool stuff at a Fab Lab =(

A lot of exams, a lot of being sick. Not fun at all.

I had time to think of some cool stuff though! I’ll talk about my brainfarts if you don’t mind! (they don’t smell, I swear!)

Actually, a couple weeks back already, I took the workshop on the CNC machine at the Happylab.
The first thing that popped into my mind there is using said CNC machine to fabricate myself a Longboard.

I already tried that once, but I failed horribly. So let me explain which steps you’d have to undergo in building a Longboard that somewhat resembles those sold in a store.

There are 2 points you can start off from:

1.) You get yourself a thick plate of wood and just cut a nice shape out of it (doesn’t even have to be wood, you can also cut it out of a snowboard, or any other plate you’d want)

2.) You get yourself a couple thin planks of wood and start off with glueing them together, and while doing so, also try to get them into any of the typical Longboard-shapes you know (and love).
I will shoot for the classic convex shape once I feel incredibly confident! (happens more often than I thought)

Just because I hate myself and I love failing and pain, I will try going for the second option I mentioned.

I did it once before, and as I said, failed horribly. The thing that I never thought of, is that it takes a lot of evenly spread out pressure, and glue, to press the planks of wood together. So when I did it, I just put a couple clamps on the sides of the wood, put it on 2 chairs, and put some weights in the middle of it.

How to fail pressing a Longboard

Easy, right?

Nope. First time I touched the whole thing, it came apart again. The reason for that is that you are trying to bend the wood at the same time, so it tries moving back into its original state wherever possible. So unless you are evenly distributing tons of pressure, it won’t work. The “easiest” ways I found on the Internet involved parking your car on top of it for a day. Yeah, so much for easy.

Well, that put me off. So I still have the retardedly glued planks of wood sitting around in my room at my parents place. Constantly reminding me of failure, great, right?

So, now that I am a bit more confident with my craftsmanship and I have access to awesome machines, I will try it again, this time, properly!

First problem: The pressure!

How do we fix this problem?
I looked around the web for a while and what I found was shockingly simple! No highly expensive machinery needed! Just get yourself a bottlejack! These nifty cheap devices put out a lot of very constant pressure for barely any money, you can get some 20-40 tons of pressure with just 30-40 Euros. You probably know them as that thing that lifts cars when you have to change a wheel. I am not an engineer, so I do not know how much pressure I’ll need, so I will just go for overkill, I think.
The problem is that one would have to apply the pressure from the top, so I guess I’ll have to build a steel frame that can withstand a couple tons of pressure.
But as I said, it’s all just brainfarts now ;)

Next Problem: The shape!

Weights? On a plank between 2 chairs? Yeah. Smart idea.

The way to approach it now is getting yourself a nice and big block of wood, and “just” CNC mill the shape out of it! (and of course, the mirrored shape for the other side of it).
One would have to use 2 Blocks of wood as far as I can tell right now, mill the top shape in one, and mill the negative of it in the other.

Don’t get it?

No, of course I am not implying any of you are stupid! Idiot. ;)

I am just looking for an excuse to doodle!

CNC Longboard Mold

Instead of “x,z” and “y,z”, I could have just said front and sides. Oh well, too late now.

I say this as if it was easy, I still have not handled a CNC mill yet, but I guess I’ll figure it out. (If not, I have a nifty industrial engineer as a roomie, he’ll do the trick, has to be good for something, right?)

Let’s see how that project will go then!

Happy Making! =)

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    1. I didn’t know what insructables was at the time, but this is exactly what I tried to do =)

      I myself put a lot of clamps on the borders of the 2 sheets of wood (around 10 of them), and it had gaps all over the place. It’s probably just me having 2 left hands =P

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