Merging Communities

Still haven’t been working on anything at the Fabrication Laboratory…

I know I suck.

But wait! I did other stuff! What if I told you that there is a magical place, with Unicorns puking rainbows and playing Laser Tag… Or something along those lines.

Well, semi-seriously now, what I have been trying to get into the last few weeks is a place called “ImpactHub”.

I did not, or am not doing this because I am shit-bored, I am doing it because I think it could be incredibly helpful/the second component of my misdeeds to support the “Maker Movement”.

I don’t know if it is necessary, or even wanted, but I want to bring the 2 communities, the Maker-community and the ImpactHub-community closer together.

So what is an “ImpactHub”?

Wow. You could have just read up on it on the link I put there.
Easily accessible information and still…. Still lazy… Jesus…
Well, here I go then.

An ImpactHub is equal parts a coworking space, a community, an incubator. (also a space for events)

If that doesn’t ring any bells, no problem, it’s all just fancy words. To break it down to an understandable level: It is a place where very motivated and competent people hang out and work together, and their project might also get some funds there, that’s basically it. Might not have captured the whole thing, and there is more to it, but it is enough for now.

Seat-stairs at ImpactHub

ImpactHub Vienna!

See? They actually have quite a bit in common with the Makers, they are also, usually, very motivated, passionate and competent at what they do, the difference being, that these people are competent at other things. Some of them studied politics, some of them did economics, but all of them want to change something in/do something for society. (Doing something for society includes starting up a business in my vocabulary, just so you know)

Now, imagine someone having an awesome idea for a product, let’s saaaaay, he invented a robot unicorn, which would look something like this:

Robot Unicorn

Yes, I just put a pink robot unicorn there, I am actually kind of ashamed. (all credit to adult swim games with robot unicorn attack)

Said robot unicorn might be mechanically amazing, and it might also be just what people have been craving for 20 years, but if they don’t know about it, all of that “use” for society might just be stuck with the inventor.
There is so many things that might go wrong with that, think of the wrong communication to the customer, what if people just don’t get how awesome it is the way the inventor markets it (if he even actively markets it). What if he predicts demand wrongly and produces way too many, or way too little (this is actually a common reason for startups to fail, so I’ve been told).
What if he is just way too humble about what he invented? What if he doesn’t do anything with it because it is just too much of a hastle and he is to insecure in business stuff to even try?

A lot of what ifs, and I think that if one could bring these 2 communities a little closer together, amazing stuff could happen.

Snapshot of an Event at the ImpactHub

One of many Events at ImpactHub

Well, that has been a thought.

So that is the reason I am trying to get in there, which proves itself to be quite some work. As I said, it is a co-working space, which is a nice and friendly word, it is still an office space that offers a shit-ton of service, like consulting, events with interesting guest speakers and so on. So it actually costs quite some money to be a full member there. Which I cannot afford.

They have an option for poor bastards like me too though, which is working there half a day a week and getting full access to all of their services, so I applied for that, and it looks like I might actually be able to get into it! =D

Which means I have even less time for university and making stuff. Greeeeeaat! (Can you read the desperation in that? Yes? Good.)

Well, happy making I guess =)

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