Modelling with Blender

Modelling with Blender, yep. Don’t start crying already, it will be alright, we’ll go through this together!
(I dearly hope you got the sarcasm.)

So, right now I am trying to model myself a nice Trinket, I have been toying around with the idea of making myself a model of the Bastion-Crest, because I loved the game so much and I’d like to hold something of it in my hands.

Bastion Game City Crest

So I started modelling with Blender, which I decided on using/learning even though it is quite the daunting program to use, I think it is the most powerful and I can do nearly everything with it, so let’s get on with it, I’m going to try giving you all the steps I took in designing it. Let’s go then:

[working in progress…]

Actually, I changed my mind, it is impossible for me to give you all the steps, that post would go way overboard with that. ^^

Now as I had the Crest itself without the ropes around it modeled, I wanted it to look a bit more realistic by giving it some scratches. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to use Blender, I had the impression that the other programs were not capable of doing stuff like that easily, because most of them are for very simple models only. So, well, usefull stuff, but not highly detailed trinkets.

[looking into making scratches…]

Nope. No scratches, too complicated for the few hours I have available right now. I misjudged this quite a bit to be honest. Well, at least I have SOMETHING to upload now that resembles the Bastion Crest in some way at least.

Blender Model of City Crest


First trial-upload failed miserably, I do not know how to set the Blender-Units to be anything meaningful in real life, it transforms them into something, but I do not know where it calculates the data from. Furthermore, the Crest is patchy, and just plain wrong.

Crest on Shapeways


So, I guess that was a fail. Let’s dive deeper into the foreign lands of 3D Modelling I guess. huh…

[looking for tutorials…]

So, as far as I know now, I don’t know much. Here is a video that helped me gather some knowledge.

By watching this tutorial (and the many others before this one) I actually learned quite a bit, and now that I have been playing around with Blender for a while, I am actually getting kind of proficient at it, I can do some stuff with the few basic functions I know. I do not even have a mouse available right now, but it went surprisingly well with the Macbook Trackpad.

So this is what I could come up with and what I ordered. Its something!

Better Crest Wireframe

In the future, I might also be able to add said scratches and Ropes, for now though, I am done!

Shapeways Bastion Crest

I chose polished Alumide, looks nice and isn’t that expensive

Happy Making, people =)

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