Off rails & first times

Unfortunately, I have been a bit off rails lately.
But don’t you worry, I m back and trying my luck on using a laser cutter! (not that anyone missed me by any stretch of the Imagination =P)

So I have been working on an Event and had some private trouble, but well, shit happens, and sometimes said shit needs/deserves a lot of attention ;).

Now, in continuation from where I stopped a week or so ago (I could check the date but I am too lazy). I went back to the Happylab the next day with my nice little minion file prepared to see some laser cutting action!

Exited as I was, I stormed in, and, hold your breath!
Of course, the machine was in use at that moment. That was to be expected though, because it’s the time where architecture students have to finish their Projects, so the laser cutter is in heavy use.

So I went up to the guy there, and smacked him in the face!

Well. No. I asked him how long it would take him to finish and if he could help me afterwards, and he said “Sure!” and “Around 15 minutes”.
So I went in the Happylab wiki and looked up the correct settings for the material at hand, namely: Laserplay.
So what are these “settings” I am talking about? With a laser, there is a couple variables to set for different materials.
The most important ones are speed and power, both given in percent of ist maximum, which of course depends on the cutter you are using, so you cannot apply these to any other machine than the one I am working on, but there you go, just for you to get s Feeling how These look ;)

So while I had some spare time at hand I thought I’d make a quick Test-File for the cutter-settings to try them before wasting a lot of my msterial (smarter than I seem, huh?)

Testing the laser cutter settings

So after 15 minutes, the guy told me he was done and I started fiddling around with the cutter, for around 10 minutes, and didn’t manage to get the setup straight (the driver for the laser cutter is just like any other printer driver, except with a couple more options).

So said guy came back and helped me out, and after a couple test-cuts, I finally found the right settings and cut my first minion, and a keychain with my name and phone number on it (stupid idea by the way. If someone finds your keys, he’s probably also gonna be able to find the door the keys unlock due to that, but it looks cool, I think =P).

Laser cut Minion keychain

The final minion! =D

As I held my first cut in hands, my euphoria was practically unstoppable. So after I ran out of printable files, I was about to leave, but I still wanted to thank my helper-guy, and while I was on it, I asked him what he was working on, and turns out, he is a med-technology student and built a mouth-mouse! (you use your mouth to control the mouse and blow to click with it or something along those lines)

The amazing thing is that his is apparently way cheaper than the ones on the market and actually also more precise! He can’t introduce it to the market because of all the approval processes and I don’t think he actually wants to because it is his Master-Thesis, but it shows what an awesome thing one single guy can develop! =D

Well, that was just a quick update on what I’ve been up to maker-wise ;)

Happy making!

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