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Hello World!

If you found this blog here, you are probably either dead bored or absolutely lost in the dephts of the internet, but I am still glad you are here.

So, what is “here” exactly you ask?
Well, for starters, its a WordPress blog as you might have noticed already.
Why I feel obliged to share something with the world is obvious though. Its about my latest neat Nike-Sneakers and the rumours surrounding the xbox-one of course!!

I guess no one fell for that, right?

What I actually want to do with this is document my “journey” of dilettantism and incompetence to become something they call a “Maker” now.
I want to print myself a Halo-Coffe-Cup over night and have the first sip of it the next morning!

I am doing this to make more people try 3D-printing because I think that this could be a huge step forward, it enables everyone, with every crazy idea, to produce hardware without noteworthy investments.

But I am getting ahead of myself, first, I’d like to introduce myself.