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3D Printers right now

Well, before I started thinking of actually making some stuff, I started informing myself on what the available technologies are and what they are capable of right now.

To my knowledge, there is 3 different types of 3D printers right now (or 3 major ones at least).

Well, let’s start making a list here, incredibly entertaining, isn’t it?

  • The first, and most accessible is what they call “Fused Deposition Modelling”.
    What they do there is quite similar to the desktop printer you probably have sitting right next to you right now. It has a printhead that melts a string of ABS plastic and puts it on a plate through a jet, the plastic hardens quickly, and when it’s done with a layer, it just moves up and prints the next “slice” on top of the first and so on.
    My description obviously is close to perfect! Still, I’d like to give you Makerbot’s website here so you can check it out for yourself, its astonishingly simple. (Makerbot is not the cheapest but it’s the one I’ve heard the most of up to now)
    Also, this kind of printer starts at aroung 800-1000 € (Yup, Europe, as I said!).http://makerbot.com/
  • The second type I know of is called “Stereolitography”.
    This one has lasers.

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