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This is a Blog about me finding out what the “Maker Movement” has to offer, what it is, what it can or could do, what it means to become a Maker, and about what it takes to do so.

The ultimate goal is to enable you, yes you reading this right now, to start your own projects by lowering the barrier of well, in German we call it “Information gathering”.
It would take you quite the while to look behind the hype over digital fabrication and see what it really means, what it does.
This is exactly the point where I’d like to come in, I’d want to show you ;)

What is “The Maker Movement” though?

If there was a clear definition, I’d tell you, the most concise thing I can agree with can be found on the “Wired” website.


Let me try my luck myself though:

The Maker Movement is a new kind of do-it-yourself, it is the capability of making physical goods put into the hands of a digital, connected, tech-savvy generation.
It makes it easy for people with barely any, or zero experience in manufacturing or woodworking or anything comparable, to have physical goods made.

You want something to hang on your keychain but have no clue how to work wit wood, aluminium or any other material? No worries, just make a vector-drawing and the Laser Cutter is going to do all the work for you!
If you don’t even know how to use a vector-drawing-program, that is not a problem, due to us living in a time where any information is available online, you should be able to learn how to use one through tutorials, how-to articles and videos and so on.

That is one of the components, learning on time, you can learn how to do something, exactly when you need it.

The second is the usability of the digital fabrication machines and their availability, it is now possible for a normal guy to operate those with little effort, and you can use one in a local happylab, or just rent production capabilities ranging from single pieces up to batches of a couple thousand, or a million.

The third component is an easy transition from DIY (do it yourself) to DIT (do it together), the Internet is the perfect place to find people that are as passionate about something as you are, and you do not have to (or are not capable of) knowing/learning everything, but you can get some help!

And there is a fourth one I’d like to add here, you might not be thinking that far yet.
All of the above might have helped you to develop something awesome, you might even want to start selling and found a company. Add crowdfunding to the mix of awesome things and if your campaign succeeds, you bypassed industry giants and banks.

That’s the way I see the Maker Movement, and I am really excited about it, and that is why I am writing this blog =)

This is a personal experience though, and my time for writing and managing this Blog is fairly limited, I am still at university though, and to be able to tell you about stuff I did here, I’d have to do it myself first.

This means that all of the posts represent my knowledge of a Topic at a given point in time, when I look back at my post on 3D Printing right now, I know that there is some stuff missing, but it is what I knew and could find out in a reasonable amount of time at that moment.

Of course, I also have to add that everything written here represents my personal opinion not more, not less!

I hope you will hang out here for a while and give me some feedback as well as find the closest Fabrication Laboratory and make some cool stuff there! I am really looking forward to hearing from you guys and girls!

Again, Happy Making and welcome to my Blog!



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